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Pem 2 v2.06 Updated March 10, 1998

Special Notes: If you used v2.05, you NEED to re-run the Setup program as long as you install it to the same directory. UNZIP WITH THE -d COMMAND.

New in this release:

  • Wave sounds - Drop-Down menus have sounds
  • Limited BemaBASIC coding - Use File, Run..., and type fprgm.bem to run the test program. BemaBASIC readme coming soon.
  • OK buttons work on the input windows.
  • File Not Found window.

So, what do you want to see in Pem ][, specifically on BemaBASIC? E-mail me at with your ideas and/or suggestions. Thanks for using Pem ][!

1997-1998 iNDIGO Software Technologies. iNDIGO Software Technologies and/or Jeff Rapp are not responsible for any harm done to your computer by these programs, though unlikely